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About Us

Mafresa began in 1985 in

the commercialization of plywood and all types of wood and its derived products, for construction and industry.

Our mission is to offer solutions to the needs of our clients increasing our range of products, adapting to different markets and importing merchandise from production factories both in the national and the international markets.

About us

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Nuestros Productos

Anti-slip Plywoods

Plywood for Formwork

Contrachapado para encofrado

Raw Plywoods

tablero contrachapado crudo

WISA Products

UPM WISA Productos

Oriented Strand Board

Tablero OSB

Three Layer Board for Shuttering

Tablero tricapa encofrado

Fibreboard Tablex

Tablero fibra de madera

Agglomerate (PB-MR)

Tablero de aglomerado

Plank, Struts, Platforms, Tracks

Tablon riostras tarimas rastreles


Commitment by theclient

From the beginning our commitment and proximity have made us understand the needs of our clients, being the key to fulfil them the quality and variety of the products we offer.

The efficiency of our logistic management, as well as the stock within our own facilities allows us to serve our clients in time and form.


Respect for the environment

In our current society there is great sensitivity to the environment, climate change, natural space conservation, landscape, etc. This sensitivity is changing consumers’ behaviour, as they demand products that respect the environment.

For this reason, and from our deep commitment to the environment, MAFRESA has achieved

Forest Certification status

, which guarantees a sustainable management of our forests and endorses the whole process, from extraction of the wood to the distribution of the finished product.”

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28814 Daganzo de Arriba - Madrid

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